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❤️💣 Mission: Find The Old You

Published 8 months ago • 1 min read

Find The Old You

The Background

I was talking with my best friend and business partner J. Money last week, telling him what I've been getting up to with this project and a couple of others, and he got really excited and said "this feels so much like the 'old Nate,' and I love it!"

I have to admit, it does feel great to be making moves again, both online and in the Milwaukee community these past few weeks. I've met some interesting new people, and bigger things are starting to happen . . . I'm going to focus on being productive and open to anything that develops, like I used to be back in the day.

I've also been thinking about what it would feel like to go back and meet your past self, like the 20-year-old version of you. How much have we changed from the person we used to be, you know? Maybe we miss that person and wish we were more like them. Maybe we don't - maybe they were an asshole, and we're really glad they're gone. Either way, this week's mission is all about the old you.

The Mission

This week, find someone who's in a place that you once were, and do something to help them out.

This one's pretty wide open, folks. Maybe this is someone who has your old job at work, or a younger sibling, niece, or nephew in their first year in college. Whatever it is, you have the experience that they don't in their current position.

Find a way to do something small and meaningful for them, in a way that lets them know that you understand what they're going through, and that you're there for them. Try to think about what would have made you feel cared for during that time in your life, and then make it happen for them.

Jump onto Discord to tell us what you did and see what others are doing: Love Bomb Discord
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See you in there!


Love Bomb

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Every Tuesday I come up with an idea to make a difference for someone in a small, personal, creative way, then I send out that idea as a mission assignment to everyone in our group. Over the next week, we all spend 10 minutes to accomplish it in our own way for people in our own lives.

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