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❤️💣 Mission: Don't Like It?

Published 8 months ago • 1 min read

Don't Like It?

The Background

I spent most of Hot Girl Summer taking care of myself: exercising, eating right, working out, playing basketball, and I was the healthiest I'd been in a long time, feeling really good. Then my injured back started acting up again, I missed out on a road trip I was planning with my brother, I couldn't exercise like I had been, and it kind of sent me into a tailspin.

Now it's Cozy Boy Autumn, and for the past month or so I've been a little hurt, pretty sedentary, and eating desserts for meals like . . . well, like someone who eats desserts for meals. I'm rapidly turning into a portly gentleman, and if I keep this up much longer I'll be in real trouble (for my personal health and weight goals). Yesterday I decided it's time to make a change, and that's where this week's mission comes from.

The Mission

This week, identify something that you don't like, and make a change to it.

This one should be really easy for everyone because you can choose your execution level.

Small: See that ugly trash on your lawn or your neighbor's? Take a few minutes and clean it up!

Medium: Don't like how your co-worker has all the asset files organized in the team folder? Offer to spend an hour with them going through and organizing it, for everyone's sake.

Big: Frustrated with your recent weight gain? Take the time to think through an improvement plan you can commit to for a time period (this is a love bomb for yourself).

Jump onto Discord to tell us what you did and see what others are doing: Love Bomb Discord
(once you're inside, you'll see this mission under the Weekly Missions category)

See you in there!


P.S. - Perfect timing today as I write up this mission: Facebook shows me a post from 10 years ago. I could've written this yesterday and it would be just as valid. I guess people don't really change much.

Love Bomb

a project by Nate St. Pierre

Every Tuesday I come up with an idea to make a difference for someone in a small, personal, creative way, then I send out that idea as a mission assignment to everyone in our group. Over the next week, we all spend 10 minutes to accomplish it in our own way for people in our own lives.

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